Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Jack

Happy Birthday Jack
You are such a fun little boy!
You started walking at 10 months and you have been on the go ever since.
You love to climb the stairs and then you sit at the top with your feet out the rails and babble until someone comes to get you, and then you just do it again.
You love watching Lilly get off the bus after school and get a big grin when you see her.
Your favorite food is meat, tacos are definitely your favorite with pizza and spaghetti coming in close behind.  
I can distract you with chocolate milk, you love it.
Really any kind of chocolate you love.
You don't say any words with meaning yet, maybe Dada, but you do babble a lot.
You make clicking sounds with your mouth and do it randomly.
You love following daddy around and watching him closely.
You love pushing cars, trucks and tractors around.
You love to carry big things around while you walk, wrapping paper rolls, big balls, the broom..
Happy Birthday buddy, I can't (but I can) wait to see what this next year brings. Babyhood is behind you, welcome to toddlerhood.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Penelope is THREE

Three years old, how can that be? I remember the day she was born and the excitement of the unknown on whether she was a boy or girl. She came out with thick brown hair and I was completely surprised! What a great surprise she was. Here are few things about Penelope.

-She became Super Nella right before Halloween this year. Super Nella to the rescue! I have no idea where she got this from.
-She calls herself Super Nella, Nella or Pea Nelly.
-She likes to eat "lunch" for breakfast. PBJ, leftovers or pizza.
-Loves to play legos
-She has a Bitty Baby named Kelly that is with her most of the day.
-Her favorite color is orange
-She loves berries
-She thinks cantaloupes are called pen-o-lopes
-Chocolate is her favorite food

Merry Christmas from Our Family to yours!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy {early} Birthday Super Nella

Happy early Birthday to our Christmas baby! We decided to celebrate with Nella before Christmas this year so she would have a whole day just about her.  
Super Nella  

I love her expression in this photo. She talked about her orange fishing poll for months! If you can't tell orange is her favorite color! The poll also lights up when you reel.

I took her to get a cake made and She told the lady how she wanted it. She ordered chocolate and white cake (marble) with orange, pink, yellow and green. I asked her what name we should have put on it and she said "Super Nella".

Singing Happy Birthday!
blowing out candles!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ONE month Jack


Bowling, FIRST time EVER!

We went bowling as a family for the first time ever. The girls were very excited. They thought the shoes were funny looking, but thought it was neat that they needed special shoes to bowl. We used bumpers and I think Daddy needed them more than the girls in the first game!! It was a close first game and Daphanie always seems to have this first timer luck! Penelope loved to use the ramp.  Just set it up and push it down and she would run back and give high fives!

After bowling we stopped to get some supper for our hungry bunch. We were having a little too much fun. This is our family in real life. Crazy, funny and natural. This is our beautiful mess of a family!