Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Having fun making a mess while dying Easter eggs!
Seeing if Daddy was home after going potty
Bringing things up from the basement
Reading on the potty
Lilly was looking in her drawers and found a swimming suit and Dora pants and wanted them both on. She added a few more accessories
Lilly sometimes likes to get in to things... this is what she likes to do with cans
Lilly loves Dora. If we are in a store she can point out Dora from ilse away, This is her on Easter happy with all the Dora things that filled her basket at Grandma's
Daddy's glove, Mommy's shoe and Lilly holding her apple jew (that is what Lilly calls her juice)
Daddy has recently been taking Lilly shopping on Sunday's to go to Menard's. This is what she looked like a few Sundays ago after SHE got all ready to leave!