Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby Jack

Jack was born January 19th, 2013. He made the streak continue, all our babies have been born on an odd numbered day and they have all been born on a Saturday.
 With having two previous preterm labors I was anxious and excited for
labor to start. I was 36 weeks and 3 days along and walking upstairs
with a full basket of laundry when I felt something trickle down my
leg, I went to the bathroom to make sure I didn't just pee myself. It
was indeed my water as it kept trickling. I called Corey and asked if
he knew what time it was and what kind of call this was. He was saying
how he didn't think we would have a baby this weekend. We had plans to
attened a hockey game with the girls since they had been asking about
going for weeks. He soon asked of I called my mom who lives two hours
away so she could come and look after the girls. So I called my mom
next and asked if she had her bags packed. She thought I was joking and
she told me I had to keep that baby in there longer. She was on her
way and then Corey made it home and I told him how I would like to stay
home and get contractions going before I went into the hospital. So I
thought I would just wait for my mom to get here before I went in.
Corey wanted me to go in to get the paper work done and make sure
everything was going okay. I made it up to the labor and delivery room,
I got the corner room which was larger and had windows on both sides
which made the room seem very open. I was hooked up to monitors and
baby was doing great and I was having contractions very spread out and
sporadic. I was checked and still only a 2 to 3 which I was at my last
check up. I was standing and squating to help move baby down and open
up, at this time they did not want me walking around as they wanted to
have monitors on me. I was there nearly two hours before they said I
would stay since my water had stopped trickling, my water broke up high
and was now sealed off by babys' head. At this time I progressed to a 4
and was still very comfortable and having sporadic contractions, at
this time I turned down the Dr as she wanted to start pit right away.
An hour later I felt like the contractions werent strong enough and I
gave into the Dr and got the pit going. {wish I would of just listened to my body and let my body do its thing) I was on pit for four hours
while I squatted bounced on a ball and was having strong steady
contractions which varied from 2 minutes apart to 5 mintutes apart. Dr
checked me again and I was at a 5, I told her how with Penelopes' birth
they had to break the lower part of my water and she was born soon
after. Dr then broke the lower bag of water and I knew it was now go
time. I asked if I could use the wonderfully large tub to relax in and they said since I was on pit I could not get into the tub. I was upset as I was told in my check ups that I would be able to use the tub. I didn't want to get to upset as I wanted to stay on top of the contractions and have my body be in control. The nurse and Dr told me to push the call button when I felt
pressure. I got down from the check on the bed to bounce on the birth
ball and found it very uncomfortable as baby had moved lower. I started
to squat with each contraction and humming as it got me through each
one. All the sudden I said ohh I feel pressure and hit the call
button. I got up on the bed and waited for the nurse to come check. As
she walked in the door I had another contraction and got off the bed to
squat since it felt best. I got back in the bed and the nurse checked
me and said I was an 8, but would like another nurse the check. As the
other nurse was walking in I said I needed to push. The other nurse
went to check me and said baby is coming. I then said again that I
needed to push and began to push. They told me to stop and that Dr went
home and they just called her. I told them I am pushing they continued
to tell me not to and Corey also told me not to, that is when I told him
to shut up and I am pushing. Baby was delivered (45 minutes after having the lower bag of water broke by the nurse and it was her first delivery catch.  I brought baby to my chest and noticed the room filled with nurses getting all the delivery supplies ready, better late then never I guess. Dr arrived about 5 minutes after birth and she gave the scissors to Corey to cut the cord. I gave baby to the nurses to weigh and measures he was 6lbs 2oz and 18inches long. He was then bought right back to me and he nursed for 40 minutes. It isn't the birth I envisioned but I was happy with a great ending of a healthy baby boy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Penelope is TWO

Our sweet litte Pea turned TWO!
-loves to sing "Happy Birthday To You"
-loves candy
-loves babies and puppies
-hates diapers and is almost potty trained
-likes snow, but hates how it is cold
-likes "mic mouse" which is both Mikey and Minnie
-talks in short sentences and is very funny!
-has many nick names: Pea, Pea-Nelly, Nelly, Nella
-loves to build with legos


Santa and the Mrs. stopped by early to hand out a few gifts! The girls were very excited to see them!