Thursday, October 23, 2008

cLoWnInG aRoUnD!

Here are a few pictures of Lillyann in her Halloween costume! She loves to dance and clown around the house.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh My.. Potty Girl!

Last week was the first time ever that Lillyann....

POOPED in the potty.

I was home in the morning folding clothes and came acrossed some panties that I just bought her. I put a pair on her and told her she need to go poop and pee on the potty. The potty was sitting right in the living room. They say if its out of side it is out of mind, so I keep it where she can see it. Well sure enough, she went up to it pulled off her panties and went. At this time I am still folding clothes and think that she is just going pee like she does sometimes. Well she gets up and I look over and see it! I was like OMG! I cleaned her up and the potty and she got 4 jelly beans!

That made my day.. but it is still off and on..

Hopefully in a couple more months she will be ready for it full time!

Happy Birthday Mom and Dad!

Sunday was My birthday and Friday will be Corey's! I love having our birthdays so close together. This year we are getting a KING size bed for out birthdays. Corey has been looking at a Captains Bed. It has drawers underneath it and a bookshelf headboard! It was the only one I liked out of 5 furniture stores and Corey found it at the first store he went to.

Monday, October 6, 2008

My favorite season..

Fall! It starts the upcoming holidays.. Halloween, Thanksgiving... then Christmas!!

Halloween is about 25 days away! It is one of my favorite holidays with Lillyann! I get to dress her up and show her off. Of course I eat some of the candy she gets, because she can't eat it all! This last weekend Lillyann and I went with Grandma and Papa to Gays Mills to some Apple Orchards! We had some yummy apple cider donuts, apple slushy, and of course apples.

On the way back we stopped to get some pumpkins. We will be carving one in a couple of weeks. I wonder if Lilly will like to touch the insides of the pumpkin, or if she would rather just watch. We'll have to wait and see!

Above are the pictures from this weekend getting apples and pumpkins!