Thursday, December 20, 2007

She is on the MOVE!

7 months has flown by! She will be celebrating her first Christmas in just days!
She has been unwrapping one gift under our tree for a month! It only has a little paper left on it. I really don't think she cares about what it is in it, she just loves the paper. Grandma Deb gave her one gift early, it was the safety gate! We needed it! This little girl is every where! She loves to see what every one is doing. She crawls on all fours, but sometimes she would rather just army crawl! She has been saying "dadada" for about a week now! She loves to pull herself up to stand.

I will be writing more about her first Christmas so check back after Christmas! :o)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Her 7th Month picture! What a cutie!

Lillyann standing up on the safety gate!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

6 months

WoW! has Lillyann gotten big! She was six months November 19th. She has mastered sitting by herself. Which she loves to sit and play with toys, and if she is not sitting she loves to army crawl everywhere. She likes to play with cords, so we now have to baby proof the house! We going to have to get a safety gate soon so she can not get into the kitchen! She could get into a lot of trouble in there.

She loves to laugh and smile, I get to see more and more of her personality come out everyday!

We put up our Christmas tree and she loves to look at all the lights and to touch the branches! She has no interest in the presents under the tree yet!

Here are a few pictures..

Madison and Lillyann in front of the Christmas tree at Grandma's

I love the Christmas tree

Thursday, November 1, 2007

1st Halloween

Lillyann's First Halloween!
She went trick-or-treating to family members houses and got some great treats! :o)
She really didn't mind being in her costume, but towards the end of the night she was tired! here are some pictures from Halloween, the pumpkin farm, and at grandmas house!

Lillyann and Madison the Ladybugs!

Mommy and Lillyann @ the pumpkin farm

Lillyann outside at grandmas

Monday, October 22, 2007

5 Months

Lillyann is now 5 months old! It doesn't seem like it has been that long!
here are some pictures of this past weekend!

yummmy.. my favorite carrots!

Helping mom with the laundry!

5 Month BUMBO picture.. and the little stinker took her sock off!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

LOOk at Me


She is sitting up with support and loves to sit and watch everything going on. She lately has been sitting by herself for a couple minutes then she gets unblanced and falls over.
She also is army crawling around the living room floor. She will get up on her knees and will stay down on her elbows , or her face and just push herself around!
Lilly has a blast playing in the jumperoo with Corey! He loves to grap her feet and bounce her up and down, he loves to see her smile and laugh!
I will be posting more next week becasue Lilly will be 5 MONTHS OLD!
oh how time flys by!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

no teeth yet!

Lilly defiantly has red hair, and the temper to go along with it!
She has been quite restless at night! for a couple days she did not want to be put down, or she would cry, and cry! I think that could of been from her teeth coming into her gums. Her i-teeth are in her gums (not broken though), they are swollen and red. I am waiting to see some teeth come in, I do not feel anything breaking though the gums yet.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

4 months

Lilly went to the doctor for her 4 month check up on Tuesday. She was due for three shots, didn't like them one bit! She was okay once I could hold her!

She now is: 13lbs 5oz and 24.5 inches

Last time she got shots she was cranky and had a fever for three days, seems to be the same this time! poor little girl. Last night she was very restless, she woke up every two hours! I wasn't use to that she has been sleeping though the night for a couple months now.

We started rice cereal, for the first two days I think most of it was on her bib, now that she is a pro at it most gets into her tummy! We started peas tonight!! YUMMY!!

here are some pictures that are pretty recent! ENJOY!

New to Blogin

I thought that I would set up a blog that you could check out and see new pictures of Lillyann and see how she is doing! I hope you enjoy the updates! I will hopefully update every week!