Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lolly Pop

Like the boots? She did not want to leave the store with out these! I don't know why, but this girl just loves boots. Don't you remember when I posted these pictures? I think cowboy boots are next!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

computer problems

Our computer is having some problems. It is not letting me upload pictures, so I will just have to upload some from my phone! I hope I can figure that out!

I have been working with Lillyann to speak more clearly and to say more words. We are using some flashcards. Which most the time she loves to use. I have labeled things in our house so she can see the word and remember to say it. She loves to go around and show me all the words and tell me what it says.

Daphanie is almost crawling on all fours. She will try and then fall to her tummy and "army crawl" on her forearms and belly! She loves to laugh at her sister when she is doing something funny, or just laughing!

Oh and the cloth diapering, its going great so far. I am still waiting for my fabric to come to make more liners for the diapers, right now I don't have enough to be able to wash 3 days a week!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cloth Diapering.. I must be crazy!

So now I am going to be a mom who breastfeeds, makes my own baby food, and cloth diapers. I'm getting pretty GREEN! I was online and going to order diapers from, but the key is to buy in bulk to get save more money and free shipping. For what it would almost cost me to diaper Daphanie for 5 weeks and Lillyann for her diaper at night would be around $50. That is saying that I only change Daphanie 5 times a day (which I am sure I change her more). Well if I bought the 4 cloth, and a couple different kind of liners for around $55 which these will last me till she is potty trained and future kids for that matter. I have prefolds already from cloth diapering Lillyann for potty training. But I will probably have to put $50 more into it for more inserts/prefold to have a good supply!

There are many cloth diapers out there, from all-in-ones which you put a new cloth diaper on every time and wash the whole thing every time. pocket diapers which are about the same as all-in-ones but you just stuff more inserts in the pockets to make it more absorbent. Then prefolds with covers, which is what you did before there was even disposables. But they also have this new hybrid diaper which is cloth but has disposable inserts. They are called g-diapers. The disposable inserts are flushable, or the wet ones can be compostable. Which I will be using the g-diapers but I am not going to use the disposable inserts I will use the cloth inserts with kushies liners. Which if I knew about these will Lilly, she would of been cloth diapered! You put this over the cloth insert and it lets the pee go though and the poo stays on the little thin liner and you toss in the toilet and flush it away! No more scraping poo off the cloth, or rinsing! AWESOME!

Look how cute that diaper is (up above).. butt ruffles!! CUTE! I was going to buy this one since it is on sale!(at But shipping was $10.. I bought Daphanie and Lillyanns diapers at and saved over $25! If you are a new customer use this code BUGA3585 and it will save you $10 on your first order of diapers $49 or more with free shipping!!

So why not the liners that go with the g-diapers? They cost more than disposables! That's why! It is all about saving money.. and the planet! The kushies liners I can get for 7.99 for 100 which is pretty cheap! but with the kushies you still have to wash cloth inserts! Which is fine with me.

I am thinking I will have to do two-three loads of diapers a week, which would be a small only diaper load. If we go to the cabin, I think we will probably just stick to disposables, hauling diapers there and wet diapers back doesn't seem very appealing!

I'm hoping it goes great and lasts, I am going to at least do it to get my money back out of them, so for at least 2 months! But I am hoping it is a new change that will stay! So as of Tuesday I will be a cloth diapering mom..

wish me luck.. :o)

Friday, August 14, 2009

six month girl!

If you didn't know already, Daphanie is six months old! Happy half birthday girly! It is really crazy how fast time goes, and how fast little ones grow!

Daphanie was born at a tiny 4lbs 8oz and now at six months weighs in at 13lbs 12oz(10th%) That is over nine pounds! She was a short 17inches and now is 26 inches (25th%)- that is a 9 inch gain! woot woot!

Daphaine is..

..eating 2-3 meals a day!
-cereal w/ fruit in the morning.
-veggie in the afternoon every once in a while.
-veggie or fruit with oatmeal at night.

..getting up on all fours.
-moves only backwards.

..very easy to make smile or laugh.
-loves for you to smile at her.
-loves to be tickled-feet, tummy, neck!

..taking about 2-3 naps a day.

..rolling over both ways.
-started before she was 4 months.

..loves watching baby signing time with sissy!
-would love to get the two new dvd's they now have!

..called Sissy, Annie, and Baby by Lillyann.

..sleeps all night long... sometimes!

..sits really good, with support.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beach Babes

Here are some picture of us at the beach after a long boat ride! Everyone is happy to play in the sand and the cool water!

Beach Babe Daphanie sitting in the sand (yes she did eat the handful of sand that is in her left fist!)

Dede holding Daphanie.. all smiles!

Lillyann and Taylor playing in the sand!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Snack Time

Lillyann and I were having apples with peanut butter for a snack the other day and Dapahine was watching us eat them. Lilly must of thought that Daphy needed some to(without peanut butter), and what do you know Daphy love it! check it out