Friday, August 14, 2009

six month girl!

If you didn't know already, Daphanie is six months old! Happy half birthday girly! It is really crazy how fast time goes, and how fast little ones grow!

Daphanie was born at a tiny 4lbs 8oz and now at six months weighs in at 13lbs 12oz(10th%) That is over nine pounds! She was a short 17inches and now is 26 inches (25th%)- that is a 9 inch gain! woot woot!

Daphaine is..

..eating 2-3 meals a day!
-cereal w/ fruit in the morning.
-veggie in the afternoon every once in a while.
-veggie or fruit with oatmeal at night.

..getting up on all fours.
-moves only backwards.

..very easy to make smile or laugh.
-loves for you to smile at her.
-loves to be tickled-feet, tummy, neck!

..taking about 2-3 naps a day.

..rolling over both ways.
-started before she was 4 months.

..loves watching baby signing time with sissy!
-would love to get the two new dvd's they now have!

..called Sissy, Annie, and Baby by Lillyann.

..sleeps all night long... sometimes!

..sits really good, with support.

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