Thursday, August 27, 2009

computer problems

Our computer is having some problems. It is not letting me upload pictures, so I will just have to upload some from my phone! I hope I can figure that out!

I have been working with Lillyann to speak more clearly and to say more words. We are using some flashcards. Which most the time she loves to use. I have labeled things in our house so she can see the word and remember to say it. She loves to go around and show me all the words and tell me what it says.

Daphanie is almost crawling on all fours. She will try and then fall to her tummy and "army crawl" on her forearms and belly! She loves to laugh at her sister when she is doing something funny, or just laughing!

Oh and the cloth diapering, its going great so far. I am still waiting for my fabric to come to make more liners for the diapers, right now I don't have enough to be able to wash 3 days a week!

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