Friday, January 30, 2009

A little of this and that!

Lilly has been having a lot of fun in the snow. It is really hard to get her inside after playing outside! Her daddy has been taking her for sledding rides behind the tracker. While she is getting pulled on the sled she says "WoooWhoo" and "Go, go, go!" Above are pictures of her all bundled up waiting for her turn to ride in the sled (Taylor in the background)! The next one is of her and Corey getting ready to go for a ride! Last is a picture of Corey and Lilly after going to a ride! Look at her little red nose!This is a picture of Lilly in her favorite Dora Pajamas! What a cute smile I got out of her that morning! This picture I just had to share. I know I cut off some of her head, but look at those curls! I think that is the only feature of me she actually has! She is also wearing a new spring dress that her baby sister has the exact same one! I can't wait to dress them a like!!

About Lilly's baby sister. She is still in there cooking, like a good little girl. I am still having contractions and a bit more dilated! I also have some really low back pain which I think is from the contractions. She is kicking more than ever with her space getting smaller and smaller! She is head down and ready to come! She gets the hiccups at least once a day, which they are fun to feel! Doctor says she can come anytime!

Monday, January 12, 2009

We have a pretty good idea that...

this next little one will be a girl! We had another ultrasound on Wednesday due to some preterm labor. She looks healthy and was indeed a little girl! My pregnancy has been going great. Everything was fine up until last week when I started to have a few to many contractions. My doctor then sent me to the hospital to get an IV for extra fluids, some medication to stop/slow down the contractions and a steroid shot to mature the babies lungs just in case she does decide to come early. They got the contractions to go down and I was sent home. The next day I was in there again to be checked and given the other dose of the steroid for the baby. I was out in two hours that time. I am today only 31 weeks and 5 days along! Which they would like the baby to be at least 37 weeks before it is born.

So we are still going over a couple names.. Corey and I can not agree.. but it will in deed be another flower to fit in with our Lilly!