Monday, January 12, 2009

We have a pretty good idea that...

this next little one will be a girl! We had another ultrasound on Wednesday due to some preterm labor. She looks healthy and was indeed a little girl! My pregnancy has been going great. Everything was fine up until last week when I started to have a few to many contractions. My doctor then sent me to the hospital to get an IV for extra fluids, some medication to stop/slow down the contractions and a steroid shot to mature the babies lungs just in case she does decide to come early. They got the contractions to go down and I was sent home. The next day I was in there again to be checked and given the other dose of the steroid for the baby. I was out in two hours that time. I am today only 31 weeks and 5 days along! Which they would like the baby to be at least 37 weeks before it is born.

So we are still going over a couple names.. Corey and I can not agree.. but it will in deed be another flower to fit in with our Lilly!

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