Monday, March 28, 2011


Rub-a-dub-dub three little girls in the tub!

When you give Lilly a camera

These are the pictures you get..
Daphanie taking a nap
About 8 pictures of herself, 2 that were clear enough to see who it was!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Bath Time Cutie

"I wanna do a craft"

That is something that Lilly says everyday! She loves to be creative and is very bright! So today we made princess wands. With their choice of cardboard shapes, colors, glitter and ribbon.

Some Days..

Some days I don't feel out numbered. Some days the kids are all happy at the same time. Some days I don't feel over whelmed. Some days I feel like I am Super Mommy. Some days I can breath easy. Some days the house is clean and laundry is all caught up.

There are days where looking forward to bed time and it is only noon. There are days where I feel I can't catch up. There are days were I yell, because I feel there is no other way they will listen. There are days where I think wow three kids, three and under, I'm crazy.

All days are truly a gift that I get to be with my kids, to watch them learn and grow (fight and whine) I wouldn't give these days up for anything!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today in Numbers

4 people getting over being sick, again

2 big girls sleeping in 2 big girl beds

3 hours of playing outside in this wonderful weather

63 degrees is how warm our weather was

1 baby girl is finally getting many nicknames

8 hours slept in a row a couple nights ago for Penelope

3 is the number of books we read before bed

1 appointment made for Lilly to see an ENT for tonsil removal

3 dozen cookies made with help from the big girls

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I haven't posted in a while becasue life has gotten busy with three little girls and we recently moved a couple blocks away! We now have interent and a new laptop! But within the move I have miss placed the camera, I think I know where it is at but I always forget to look for it! Maybe I can talk my wonderful hardworking husband into buying a new one, which will hopefully last longer and get taken care of better! I swear it will!

But hopefully I can get some new pictures of the girls up soon!
more posts to come soon, with new news!