Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tea Party

Daphanie and I set up a tea party while Lilly was at school. She help me lay out blankets, we even had some baby dolls join us. We popped the popcorn and added a few M&M's and filled our cups with tea. We enjoyed the afternoon sun and nice breeze while we talked about what went on at school and at home while Lilly was at school.

Lilly playing a little music while we relax and have some tea

Showing me how she got three green M&M's

The wind blowing Daphanies' freshly cut hair.

Our tea party spot empty while we throw rocks and sticks into the creek.

Sweet Penelope

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Slip and Slide

We have a hill in our back yard and we thought it was the great spot to have a slip and slide! The girls had TONS of fun, and who cares that our yard got a little muddy! The girls had grass all over them but they enjoyed getting sprayed off with the hose!