Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tutu cute!



I really love taking pictures of my two little girls. I love capturing their faces, and showing everyone. The only thing is I wish I had a photo shop so I could edit and enhance my pictures better. The only thing my camera will let me do is change the color. So here are a few more pictures of the girls!
Daphanie after a bath in the bunny towelbubbles
The red umbrella gave a red tint to Daphanie, and I love her smiles

Lilly being Lilly!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Funny Pictures

I thought that I would post some pictures that I have taken over the past couple weeks.. hope you enjoy!! :o)
Daphanie after a bath
Cheering at Ashlyn's softball game.. 40 degree weather in June... CRAZY!
This is what she does if I put Daphaine in the car first.. so always buckle Lilly in first!!

This is how I found Lillyann asleep during nap time after coming up stairs with a basket of laundry
Miss Daphy in the sink!
Standing asking me to take a picture... "chezzzzzz"

Daphanie asleep in the swing

Don't you just love how this girl dresses?

The Girls' Baptism

Our two little girls were baptized this last Sunday. Things went great, We got many picture taken, and many turned out. (thank you, Mom) In the picture below is with the God Parents. Carrie and Matthew for Lillyann, Denise and Jacob for Daphanie. Lillyann had enough of being still, a stinker, but a cute stinker!Some how little got an owie on her hand, and she needed it kissed. Here is Corey holding Daphanie while she is getting the water over her head.
Posing for a picture after the baptism, what a good looking family.. (hehe)
After church we headed over the Corey's Moms house to have some lunch. Deb helped me get everything ready for lunch, which turned out great. (Thanks Deb) (and Thanks Grandma for the Potato Salad!) We had lunch and then opened some presents. It turned out to only rain in the morning and was sunny and warm in the afternoon.