Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a BIG one

When Lillyann seen this big tractor she was in awe and a little scared! She said "it's a BIG one." So me and Daphanie got close and watched the tracker dig!
What was this tractor digging? These HUGE tree stumps!
And who was in this tractor doing to digging? DADDY!
I think he had a lot of fun using this big tractor. He dug up many stumps last weekend and got a lot of other little jobs done with this tractor! Once again our daddy is the MAN!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gluten free? Will this finally help?

Daphanie has been having digestive issues her whole life. She would spit up a lot, so we figured it was reflux. That medicine didn't really show any improvement. So we thought that she was just a spiter.
We started to change her diet when I had to stop breastfeeding. That was around 11 months of age. We put her on whole milk, which was a horrible idea! She was having stomach cramps and was spitting up. I took her off that and tried a toddler formula which we got a sample of in the mail. That was also made with cow's milk. We took her to the doctor and the doctor thought that it could be the lactose in the milk. Which lactose is the sugar that is in cows milk. She was on lactose free milk for about a month and this some what helped with the stomach cramps, but it didn't help with the diarrhea. So we stopped all cows milk, and we seen no improvement.

We went to the doctor again, this time just for a pesky ear infection. I mentioned something about how taking out the milk didn't change anything. She told me the next step wouldn't be easy. She wants me to take Daphanie off gluten.

Gluten is a protein found in rye, wheat and barley. Which is the main type of flour used. So normal breads and pasta are no-no's. Also are most cereals, crackers, cakes and cookies!

The one good thing about taking out gluten is eating whole foods. Which are fresh fruits and veggies. Which my children love! They are also a much healthier option!

This also makes sense why the milk was casing a problem. When someone that has an intolerance to gluten or has Celiac disease and eats gluten the lining of their intestines is inflamed and can also be come damaged. So when drinking milk it could cause an upset! But a lot of Celiacs are also milk intolerant!
I am still learning more and more about going gluten free! If you have any information for us let me know! I want to learn as much as I can!

We are hoping to see a difference in as little as a week! Maybe this will give us answers!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

No, That is not chocolate on her face...

It is DIRT! This little girl and her sister were playing in the dirt with spoons and a dump truck!

I guess Daphanie thought that she better use her spoon the right way. So she started to put it in her mouth. She even would put rocks on the spoon then try to put it in her mouth.
She must of thought that it tasted good, she kept trying to eat it. I think there is more on her face then she ever got in her mouth. What a little stinker!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bath Time Sorting

Lillyann has been sorting the foam letters and numbers into colors while in the tub! Sorting colors helps children develop thinking skills.
She even knows most of the letters by site and sound.
She had to show me the "L" for Lolly!
Other great things to sort by color:
-You could go to a store and take paint samples of different colors and cut them apart and sort them in to piles of colors.
-Sort their toys in to piles by color.
-Sort M&M's before eating them.
-Sort clothes in to color piles before doing laundry.

Easter Eggs

Earlier this week we dyed our Easter eggs. I boiled the eggs in the morning and after lunch we made up the dye and went at it.
Here is Lilly all ready to dye the eggs She was trying so hard to use the little metal egg getter outer (yes that is what they are really called) But with no luck we used..

Her hands.

She loved picking them up and holding them in her hands. She knew what names were on the eggs. Mom, Dad, Daphanie and..