Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Penelope has started solids! The first day I gave her some to try she wailed and was hard to clam down. I tried again a couple days later she seemed like she was still hungry. She didn't take it to well. I waited about two more weeks and she is now eating like a pro. She is loving the homemade apples, sweet potatoes, peas and carrots and will be making and trying green beans this week!

Two of a Kind

While out and about with my girls, There is at least one person that asks if Lilly and Daphy are twins. There is a height difference, but they do look pretty similar and sometimes are dressed coordinating or in the same outfit. Well they were both made by the same people, so they are going to look similar!

So here is how it went the other day at the post office..

While I was up at the counter I hear a lady ask a man in front of her- Do you think they're twins?
man- They look a lot a like, but I think the one in the blue is older.
I look over at them and smile.
lady- Are they twins?
me- No, about 20 months apart, between each each girl.
Then they all proceed to tell me how adorable they are, of course I already knew that!