Thursday, February 17, 2011

Three little sickies

All three of the girls have been sick these past weeks!

Lilly got strep again for the second time ever! Daphanie has a runny nose and cough that she has had all winter, but has been a little worse this past week. Sweet little Penelope has a cough and a stuffy nose! So hoping we are on the mend and everyone is going to healthy for a while!

and a picture of the sweet little (big) Penelope

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NEW to TWO..

Daphanie when she was just brand new! So little and strong! Daphanie just about a year old. So happy and playful!
To now at TWO, so stinkerish and funny!

-loves to eat, mostly everything, not to picky
-is -dare I say it- fully potty trained!
-loves to play Little People
-loves to look at books and be read to!
-doesn't really like the snow
-loves chocolate
-still doesn't care for milk chocolate or white, but loves ice cream
-has the best laugh that is contagious
-loves to be with her big sister
-is the first to run to her crying little sister to give her a kiss
-loves to make messes, but not help clean them up!
-loves to talk, which she is sometimes understood!
-seems to love boots as much as her big sister!
-loves to take baths
-she is a wonderful little and big sister!

Cupcakes, Candy and Balloons

Grandma Debbie delivered a candy bouquet and balloons for Daphanie's Birthday! Can you tell she was excited! (so was Lilly)

We also had some cupcakes, which hers had two candles in it! She blew them out with only two blows! She enjoyed having us sing Happy Birthday to her, but I think she enjoyed the icing on the cake more!

"I want to stay little..

...I don't want to get big." Lilly said.
I wish I could let her stay little forever. I can't, but I can try to help her make her childhood a spectacular one. I know as she grows and learns she will amaze herself and us with the things she can do. I look forward to helping her grow and learn, but she will still be my little girl forever!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Washing dishes is so much fun!

After baking cookies the girls needed something to do. I asked them if they would like to wash the dishes and as fast as they could they pushed chairs up to the counter. They washed the dishes and played in the water long enough for the first batch of cookies to be cooled and tested by my little bakers!

It will not be long..

It will not be long, and this little girl will be up and moving with her sisters. For now she is happily watching them play. Most the time it is loud and busy, but Penelope doesn't seem to mind, she just watches, or dozes off to sleep!