Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Baby #3

So here are Baby #3's first pictures on the blog! The baby was very active and measuring right on for it's due date! The tech was very good at keeping the gender a surprise!
Here is kind of a full body shot, or the best one the tech could get since the baby kept moving! The little mouth is open and has both hands by its face.When Lillyann seen this picture she said "Look mom, he is waving at me!" That made me smile! She keeps talking about holding him and hugging him! I told her she has a while to wait yet the baby still need to grow!

Here is the baby's little hand, which both hands were in their face the whole time. The baby even did a couple little somersaults while we were peeking at them!

Z-O-O spells ZOO!

We went to the Blank Park Zoo and had a blast! I was telling Lillyann about our trip a week or so before. I told her we were going to stay over night and then go to the zoo. She then told me zoo starts with a "z"! I told her she was right and taught her how to spell it. So she now loves to spell zoo when ever we talk about it. Z-O-O spells zoo!
We all had a great time at the zoo. We rode the train around the zoo, got to walk up close to emus, seen fish and frogs. We even seen lions and tigers! Daphanie kept putting her hands in the ostrich fence and I think they nibbled on her a little!
After the zoo we went and had lunch. Then it was back in the car for a nap and ride home!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Babies carrying babies

I was in the mood to sew the other day so I thought that I would whip up a baby carrier for the girls. They love playing with dolls so I thought this would get lots of use. I didn't have a pattern but thought that I would make it like a Mai Tai Carrier. Here are pictures of babies carrying babies!

Daphanie likes her babies in front so she can see and bottle feed them.
Lilly likes her babies in back so she can get things done, like dancing!
The very happy baby carrying a baby!

Still dancing with her baby!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What is your guess?

So I put a poll on my blog so you can guess what baby #3 is

Boy or Girl


it is over there under follow us!

lets see if the majority is right!

Thoughts in Numbers

11 days till swim lessons start for our 2 little girls
11 days till preschool starts
7 days till our Zoo vacation
40 little nails I painted red this morning
1 banana left from the 10 I bought just 3 days ago
154 days till I am 40 weeks
126 days till Christmas and I have already started shopping
60 days till my birthday 65 days till Corey's birthday
20.8 lbs is how much Daphanie weighs
Lilly is 1189 days old
1 little one growing inside me

Baby Bump #3

I am at 18 weeks now. Two more weeks and I will be halfway! I have my 20 week ultrasound scheduled for August 31st! Which this time it will just be a look at the baby. We will not be finding out if it is a he or she until the little one is born. Lilly is still adamant that it is a little brother and that she already has a sister and does not need another one! She brings up the baby everyday, If it is about it being a brother, or finding something that she wants to get HIM or just asking if HE is still in my tummy. I can't wait to see how both girls react when the baby is here.

Working Girl

Lilly was a working girl when she went with her Daddy. He thought that she would have fun coming with him one night to pick up around the house he is working on. He was right, she had lots of fun! She came home telling me all she did and that she was helping Daddy. She was beaming with pride!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Papa and Nana's

We went over to Papa and Nana's house one night last week.
The girls had fun swinging on the swings. Daphanie loves to sit on the swing and hold on.
They had fun playing on the slide. Going down and up it!
Riding the 4-wheeler! That Papa is a spoiler!
Playing in the freshly mowed grass.
Watching this BIG fire start and die down.

And getting bit by mosquitoes! Poor baby! As soon as she gets a bite it swells up!

Somedays it is just too HOT

So we play indoors. I also wasn't feeling the best so we had a lazy day inside. The girls love these pop up tents that fold flat to be put away.

The tunnel connects both tents together. Sometimes the tunnel is better for..
reading in! This girl loves to sit down with books! She is really good with her letters and sounds! I know she will love books more when she can read the words herself!
Lilly and I made bracelets for each other and Daphanie. while Daphanie napped!
Here is the little gal snuggled up on pillows on Mommy and Daddy's bed. She wasn't feeling the best either!

16 weeks with baby #3

This picture was taken by Lillyann! She did a great job taking the pictures. Who cares that my head is cut off, I just told her to get a picture of the baby in my belly. So there I am 16 weeks pregnant with baby #3