Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Z-O-O spells ZOO!

We went to the Blank Park Zoo and had a blast! I was telling Lillyann about our trip a week or so before. I told her we were going to stay over night and then go to the zoo. She then told me zoo starts with a "z"! I told her she was right and taught her how to spell it. So she now loves to spell zoo when ever we talk about it. Z-O-O spells zoo!
We all had a great time at the zoo. We rode the train around the zoo, got to walk up close to emus, seen fish and frogs. We even seen lions and tigers! Daphanie kept putting her hands in the ostrich fence and I think they nibbled on her a little!
After the zoo we went and had lunch. Then it was back in the car for a nap and ride home!

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