Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Program

The girls had their Christmas program at school last week and did a great job singing and had fun watching all the other classes sing as well.
 Daphanie is on the right top row. We were sitting pretty far back in the church. I stood up and waved so she knew where I was. She was a little bashful.
 When Lilly's class went up I went up to sit in their seats since they were the last class to sing! Lilly did great and emjoyed singing!!
and of course Pea was there to watch!

Disney On Ice

The girls have a wonderful daddy that bought them tickets to Disney On Ice again!! We went last year and they loved it and they wanted to go again this year. We had Grandma Nana here so she enjoyed the show and spoiled the girls with treats! The girls loved it and were amazed!!

Tickle me PINK

The girls wanted to have their room painted.The went back and forth with purple and pink.. and also blue. But they picked the color tickled pink. My mom is a suburb painter so we asked her to come down and paint! We also wanted baby boys' room painted too so she painted his room BLUE! The girls will be getting Hello Kitty decor for Christmas and they want a hello kitty room. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures after their whole room is finished, and also baby boys room!!