Wednesday, July 29, 2009

pretty park pictures

We have been to two parks in two days! I am going to see if I can make it to a new park at least 3 times a week! I got this idea when I was thinking I wonder what park in our town is the best. Well today we went to Tiller park. This park is rundown and I don't think many kids play here,. But I wanted change from the park down the street so for a walk we went! I would give this park 1 out of 5 starts. It has swings and a little play structure with a slide, poll, monkey bars, and arch climber. Yeah but who cares about all that lets see the pictures!!

swinging together

Daphanie swinging, I like them in color, I think they are cool in black and white!

Lilly the monkey

The End!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Family Reunion

I didn't get many pictures from the family reunion, except for Lilly, because she is goofy! I will post more when I get the pictures off my mom's camera!

messy ice cream eater!

Autumn making the pony kiss her sister Alexa

Lilly playing with rocks and water from the pond

Daphanie. Lillyann, Alexa and Autumn

Guess that girl!

AND THE ANSWERS ARE NOW BELOW... that wasn't that hard was it!

I thought it would be fun if we played a little game. Guess who is who! Leave your answers in the comments (under the post there is a link that says comment, click on that and leave your answers) Lets see who is the first to get all the answers right. I will leave the right answers on the blog next Wednesday!

So go on already..
who is who?
Lilly or Daphy?
1. Daphy2. Daphy
3. Lilly4. Lilly
5. Daphy
6. Daphy
7. Lilly

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh Daphy!

There doesn't seem to be many posts or pictures of Daphanie. So here are some of that little gal!

always playing with those toes!

snow boots in July!

Lillyann is in love with shoes. When we go to the store she loves to look at shoes, scratch that, she love to TRY ON shoes! She gets very upset when we don't walk out of the store with new shoes. She is in need of new tennis shoes. But she has many summer time shoes; crocks, sandals and flip flops but instead of wearing one of those she thought that snow boots would go better with her outfit I guess. Here you take a look:

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

JuSt sMoe PICtureS!

Daphanie in her tutu
My girls

Daphanie and Joseph

Lillyann and Madison with their 4th of July hats on

Poor little kittys

Daphanie, Joseph, and Alexa

Joseph and Madison, Lillyann and Daphanie

Independence Day Weekend!!

We were at the cabin for Independence Day. It was a nice three day weekend with the family and a few extended family members. We took the boat out for a cruise. We did some tubing, and some playing at the beach. This was Daphanie's first time on the boat! She was just like Lilly was a year ago, easily put to sleep while the boat was moving. Here are a few pictures from this weekend!

Daphanie asleep even before we are in the water.

Lillyann helping 'HOT' daddy drive!

Lillyann and myself tubing slowly!

Taylor now riding with us.Jeremy riding by himself!Lillyann in the sand.I think she could of stayed there all day.Rinsing off with daddy.