Monday, April 25, 2011


These next few weeks will be busy for us...

We have two well child check-ups this week, on two different days, with two different doctors for two different girls!

Lilly has her first singing program at school this week! She can't wait to sing for us with her friends.

We will be getting ready for Corey's first trip overseas for work!

We will also be getting ready for Lilly to have surgery to remove her tonsils, adenoids and to put tubes in her ears.

We are also getting ready to move 3 hours away from our current home and family!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fresh Spring Air

Fresh spring air puts Penelope right to sleep!

Puffed up Cheeks

The girls really enjoy blowing bubbles I really enjoy seeing their cheeks all puffed up with air! It is really adorable, see..

Blowing bubbles in your rain boots is always good when you spill.

Girls, Dirt and a Worm

The other day when we were having some really enjoyable weather we decited to go outside and find something fun to do. I was thinking playing with the scooters and little ride on toys. The girls had a different idea. They went right for the dirt. She was just a digging and a digging and she found something she wasn't so sure about... She then shouted "WORM" picked it up and soon handed off to her little sister. Daphanie looked at it, touched it and of course she gave it a lick. Daphanie just has to try everything once, if not twice! After putting the worm back in the dirt the girls enjoyed running about and chasing each other.

Don't you know a dirt mustache is always in style!