Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NEW to TWO..

Daphanie when she was just brand new! So little and strong! Daphanie just about a year old. So happy and playful!
To now at TWO, so stinkerish and funny!

-loves to eat, mostly everything, not to picky
-is -dare I say it- fully potty trained!
-loves to play Little People
-loves to look at books and be read to!
-doesn't really like the snow
-loves chocolate
-still doesn't care for milk chocolate or white, but loves ice cream
-has the best laugh that is contagious
-loves to be with her big sister
-is the first to run to her crying little sister to give her a kiss
-loves to make messes, but not help clean them up!
-loves to talk, which she is sometimes understood!
-seems to love boots as much as her big sister!
-loves to take baths
-she is a wonderful little and big sister!

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