Friday, March 14, 2008

300 days old

Lillyann is 300 days old!

What a little girl she has grown to be, she is walking around the house with her one hand usually on something (the wall, couch, gate, chair, door, cabinets..). Some of the time she will let go and just walk. She will get about 8 to 10 good steps then fall to the ground to play, or she has reached something else to grab on to.

She has finally cut 4 top teeth! Oh what a trooper she has been! They have been coming for weeks! The right front and the one to the right of that came in couple weekends ago. Finally today the left two cut though! So she now has a total of 6 teeth!

She is getting better and better at chasing the cat. I think that may be due to the walking and faster crawling. It is so cute to see Lillyann duct under to see if Callie is under the bed.

I just love the look on her face in this photo!

Wearing the dress Aunt Rachel got her.

Playing in the tunnel

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