Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Daphanie Jean..

..was born February 7th at 2:36am. She came out crying and weighing in at 4lbs 8.9oz and 17inches long.
My water broke Friday afternoon about 3:30 so in the hospital we went to have our little girl. I was having contractions, but they weren’t doing anything. With my water being broke the doctor wants the baby out within 12 hours and at most 24, otherwise there is risk of infection. The doctor put me on potocion to speed up and make the contractions stronger. That it did. After she was born she was looked at and was doing fine all by herself, she didn’t need the NICU. We were able to go home on Monday the 9th. Daphanie developed some jaundice the last night we were there so we were sent home on some bilirubin lights. Which breaks down the bilirubin to a product that baby can dispose of in their urine and stools. We had a home healthcare nurse come look at the baby everyday she was on the lights. She would weigh her, take her temperature and also take some blood from Daphanie to see what her bilirubin levels were at.
Thursday we were sent into see the doctor. Which she thought it would be best if Daphanie was admitted back to the hospital for more intense light therapy for her jaundice and kept in a warmer to see how well she kept her body temperature. She got her bilirubin levels down and was keeping her temperature so we were able to get out at 6pm on Friday.
Her bilirubin levels kept rising after we left the hospital but not to a level to start the lights again. Her levels just started to fall on there own Tuesday the 17th.
Daphanie is still trying to stay awake to eat. She has been losing and gaining and losing again. This is our only struggle right now. We will see on Friday when she visits the pediatrician for her 2-week check-up!


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