Friday, September 4, 2009

Fresh Homemade..

Baby Food!

Daphanie loves food, there is no doubt! But it is much healthier if I make it fresh! There is no added salt, sugar or starches. Its just plain yummy steamed veggies and fruit! So I thought I would share how Daphanie's food gets made!

This night the whole family was having green beans for supper. So I steamed all the green beans, then I kept Daphanie's amount still in the steamer since I wanted hers to be a little more cooked. I added 3/4 of a pear, I ate the other 1/4 to make sure it was yummy enough! I put the cover back on the pot and steamed that on medium for about 3 more minutes.

Then you put it in the Food Processor and process it until it is a good consistency, I added a little breast milk, like 1/4 of an oz to make it a little thinner. Sometimes I use apple juice with water, or just water.
Then it comes out looking like this and its ready to feed to baby!
This is what the bowl looks like afterward! I'm sure if I let her have the bowl she would of licked it clean!

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