Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring time

Spring time brings smiles. This shining sun gets the girls in a great mood, which brings out the wonderful smiles. They had a great time just sitting and relaxing, but also had lots of fun up and moving! Daphanie was on the power wheels first and Lillyann climbed on and wanted to drive. Daphanie was okay with that, for a short time. I am sure they will have fun in the bigger power wheels at the grandparents houses. Did you notice Daphanie has finally had enough? She is crying in this picture. Once I took her off Lillyann got off too. I guess it wasn't any fun without a passenger!When Lillyann first seen the garden with the snow gone she said "Ohhhh my vegetable garden, Where are all my vegetables?"
This child just wont smile at the camera, she is starting to be "shy" when you get the camera out! Tired feet! After walking all around our backyard she sat down to take a break!

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