Monday, September 27, 2010

Swim Lessons

Both girls started parent/child swim lessons at the very end of August. They like being in the water for the most part. It is when we dunk them that they get a little frazzled. Well mostly Lilly, she doesn't like to get water in her eyes! I looked all over town for some toddler sized swim goggles and couldn't find any. I knew if I got the child ones they would just leak since she has such a small face. So we have some coming in the mail but wont be here till almost the end of swim! That is okay though, Lilly will be taking lessons again here shortly since she can move up to another older parent/child swim, then when she is 5 she can move into regular swim lessons.
We have worked on the front swim, or doggy paddle, the back float, and blowing bubbles. Lilly and Daphanie can back float with a life jacket on, which is great since we are ride on the boat a lot! Lilly is really good at swimming with a noddle under her arms with the doggy paddle, she can also do it with a life jacket on!

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Jovana said...

Oh my gosh! They look SO adorable =) I have a little guy who is taking toddler swimming lessons but I can't dress him up in anything as cute as this... lol