Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Penelope

Happy Birthday Christmas baby!
One year ago on Christmas you came in to this world, 4 weeks early, to surprise us all that you were a happy healthy little Girl. Just about everyone had hopes of a little boy, but everyone was happy to be blessed with another adorable little girl. We are so happy that you are in our lives!

You have started to walk, it didn't happen till after your Birthday, but you have caught on fast!
You still army crawl a lot since it is easier on the hardwood floors, but you have mastered the "normal" way to crawl too!
You just started to really eat and enjoy food, but you still love milk the best!
I think you could live off yogurt bites if I let you!
You love babies and small stuffies, you love to hold them, hug them and stick your fingers in their mouths and eyes!
You still adore your miss matched blanket that has an over sized tag!
You climb stairs crazy fast, and do it all the time!
You usually hate it when you get carried around by your sisters. Still do not liked to he hugged by them, I think they love on you a little to hard!
Your birthmark got darker and darker by the day your first couple weeks of life, and it is hinden in a good spot!
We got your ears pierced this last summer when your big sisters got theirs done, we didn't want you to be left out, and it was as good as time as any! You were upset, but quickly got over it!
You cried when everyone sung you Happy Birthday, you were a little overwhelmed!
You kind of enjoyed opening presents, but you got side tracked by the wonderful gifts!

One year ago you started out at 5.25lbs and 18inches and now at ONE year you are 17.8lbs and 28inches
I hope your next year is as wonderful as the first!

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