Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of KINDERGARTEN!

Lillyann started kindergarten on August 15, 2012! That morning she had a smile as bright as the sun as she walked into school. I walked her to her hallway and she let go of my hand, my heart jumped and my excited feeling melted with teary eyes as she walked down her hallway to her classroom door. Her school bag just a bobbing as she walked, and not even a look back! What a cute and confident kindergartner she is! She loves it! Her only complaint was that she didn't get to do full days till the following Monday! She loves to wear her uniform and asks to wear her skirt or jumper everyday, who doesn't love plaid!

 Wearing her Gym shoes for PE on the first day!

 I took her picture again when she started full days, the real start to kindergarten! I hope this school year is filled with lots of learning, making friends and having fun!!
Here she is below last year on her first day of Pre-Kindergarten!

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