Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Penelope is THREE

Three years old, how can that be? I remember the day she was born and the excitement of the unknown on whether she was a boy or girl. She came out with thick brown hair and I was completely surprised! What a great surprise she was. Here are few things about Penelope.

-She became Super Nella right before Halloween this year. Super Nella to the rescue! I have no idea where she got this from.
-She calls herself Super Nella, Nella or Pea Nelly.
-She likes to eat "lunch" for breakfast. PBJ, leftovers or pizza.
-Loves to play legos
-She has a Bitty Baby named Kelly that is with her most of the day.
-Her favorite color is orange
-She loves berries
-She thinks cantaloupes are called pen-o-lopes
-Chocolate is her favorite food

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