Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, a 1st for Daphanie. Daphanie went as Dorothy the Goldfish from Elmo's World. Lillyann was Elmo! I was asking her and asking her what she wanted to be and she didn't want to be Dora, she said ELMO! So that is what she was, I wanted Daphanie to be Oscar the Grouch- because she is grouchy most the time! I couldn't find any baby or kid sized Oscar costumes, and no real fuzzy green fabric to make my own. So I thought why not Dorothy!

I just got the kids to bed 30 minutes ago. 11:45, or 11:50 so where around there! I am hoping they sleep in, we get this extra hour.. and maybe it will be an extra hour of sleep. A mom can hope, right?

Pictures of the girls in costumes will be up soon!

Hope everyone had a Happy and safe Halloween!

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