Thursday, November 19, 2009

Funny Lolli

While driving in the car Daphanie is ahhhh-ing, you know normal baby sounds and Lilly says to Daphanie Stop ahh-ing baby!

That same day Daphanie had fallen asleep in the car, Lilly yells No sleep baby, no sleep!

When Lillyann talks about herself it is always in the third person, and she always refers to herself as Lolli, or Lollipop!

I don't know if it is every two-year old or just mine that is fascinated by commercials on TV, but every time a Wal-Mart commercial comes on Lilly says It's All-Mart mommy!

I know there is many more funny things this little girl says, but what are some funny things that little ones said that made you laugh?

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