Sunday, January 17, 2010

I know its late but..

It's a new year. This is the month that we make goals and tell ourselves how much we want to change and make things better. I know there are plenty of things that I would like to make better for myself and my family.
I want to become a better Mother to my children. I need to learn how to be more patient. Some times I catch myself with a loud voice, and wishing I could take it back. There is really no need to raise my voice she isn't going to hear me or understand me any better with it louder. I need to ask her why, and let her know in a way she will understand. They are young and need to be taught what is right.
I also would like to become a better homemaker. I stay home with my children, and I love it most days. I need to keep to a routine and get things done. I think I was actually better at this when I had obligations outside the home, but that was also one child ago. I need to get back to meal planning. Knowing what your going to cook for lunches and suppers is great. I know plenty of times when it was 4:00pm and I had no idea what I was going to cook and I scramble to figure out if I have everything to make a meal. No more, I will have it planned out, but also have it flexible. I think that will also make me a better wife, what man doesn't like to have supper ready and waiting after working all day!
So I thought if I put some of my resolutions out there for everyone to see that I would work on them harder and accomplish them. I am hoping for a change in 2010.

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