Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lets Be Real

Most days our house isn't as tidy as I would like it to be. I use to pick up the toys all the time, I liked to keep the floor picked up so I wasn't stepping on anything and it didn't look like a big mess all the time. But these days with two kids there is no way to keep up. So this is a snap shot of the girls in the normal untidy house.Well this is actually really good, you can't see where I was sitting, but I think there was about ten or thirteen books all over the floor, with Daphanie's puffs also all over the floor!

When I pick up I like to have all the toys organized. Like all the Mr. Potato Head stuff together, all the puzzle pieces in the right place, and all the coins in the singing piggie bank. I mean why would they want to play with it the next time if not everything was together. I think that is why picking up toys is such a pain. You have to get all the pieces in the right spot! I think it would help if we had one of these
Then I could label all the tubs and wouldn't have to get all the puzzle pieces on the puzzle just put them in the bin and next time Lilly could put it back together. This would also be nice to put paper and colors in one tub to, Then Lilly wouldn't be crawling up on the computer desk to get a piece out of the printer!

So now we, well mostly me pick up the toys before lunch, before supper and then before bed time. The house is usually always picked up before I go to bed. Some nights I leave the mess for morning. They are just going to make a mess in the morning anyway, right?

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3 Dudes and a Diva said...

Good luck with that organizing.!! I have 4 kids and I have bins that are labeled and they still dont keep things picked up! I have resigned myself to the fact that our house is just going to be a mess!!