Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Lillyann

Three years ago today Lillyann was born. She was my first child, she made me a mother. Something I always wanted to be. She was everything I dreamed and hope for, and today she still is. Happy Birthday My Lillyann! I hope your 3rd year is the best one yet!
less than 24 hours old

1st Birthday
2nd Birthday
Lilly loves to play outside and doesn't like to come in. She asked if it is going to snow at least once a week!
She loves going to parks and loves the swings the best, that's great because so do I!
She loves for you to read books to her, She could probably do it all day!
She is loving to her sister most times of the day, and you can tell that they really enjoy each other!
Lilly has a love for Toy Story, her favorite is Jessie the cowgirl.
She still loves to wear boots and has 3 pairs if you don't count the snow boots I put way so she wouldn't wear them!
If she has a pick she will usually pick something blue.
She loves to help make pancakes, but really doesn't like to eat them. She would rather have fruit loops.
Her favorite fruit is blueberries.
She loves cheeseburgers!
The cabin at the river is one of her favorite places. She talks about it all the time.
She likes to have orange pop or lemonade when we go out to eat.
She is always smiling and full of energy!
She is the prefect fit for our family, and I love her more each day!
Happy Birthday Lillyann!
To celebrate her birthday today we are going to take a picnic to the park!
Sunday we will have a birthday party with family!

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