Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lillyann's 3rd Birthday Party

I themed Lillyann's Party a sweet shoppe because she calls herself Lolly! My Papa has a song for her and he calls her all kinds of names that sound like Lilly. So Lolly was in it and her nickname is now Lollipop or Lolly. Which she even calls herself Lolly most days!
The candy buffet.. yummmmy!

We were at the store and Lilly seen the strawberry cake and she told me she wanted chocolate and strawberry together. So we made marbled chocolate/strawberry cupcakes! She also helped me dip the cones in chocolate and sprinkles!

Her Jessie doll.

The candy shaped bean bags I made for the party. I really don't care that we didn't play with them much! They were fun to make and Lilly makes up games for them now at home.

Lilly chilling in her Toy Story chair with her Jessie doll.

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