Thursday, June 3, 2010

3 Year Check Up & 15 Month Check Up

Lillyann had her 3 year check up last week. She was behind on a shot since there was a shortage last time. This is the first time she got her blood pressure checked, and the first time she got to wear a gown! So she got two shots which she gave out a long cry and also had a finger poke which she did not cry for. We walked out with smiles, stickers and suckers! She now weighs 28 lbs which is still at the 25 percentile, and I didn't get her height! So she is still little but healthy!

Edited to add: Lillyann legs swelled after her shots. She kept telling us her knees hurt and all she wanted to do was sit on our laps with her feet up. The next morning when she woke she had huge swelling. We put cold washcloths on them and babied her all morning my afternoon she was good as new again!

Daphanie had her 15 month check-up late. She also had to get a couple shots, which she did really great for. She was 19lbs, which I don't think she that heavy but it is possible. She is in the 5-10 percentile for weight and 50 percentile for height! She is also little but healthy! She also came to Lillyann's check up where I had the doctor check her ears since she was being so fussy! She indeed had an ear infection in both ears! The doctor things if she finds another one, or fluid behind her ears we will start talking about tubes!

So all and all I have two healthy girls. I thank God for my healthy little girls!

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