Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boat Beach Babes

We have two little babes that love to be on the boat and the beach! The past couple weekends we have been going up to the cabin to fish and play on the beach. This last weekend we took the BIG boat out to do a little tubing and play in the sand.

Here is Lilly watching the waves the boat makes. She said the BIG boat was like a whale!

Here is Daphanie after taking a nap. It seems the boat always puts the babies to sleep!

Cousin Jacob took Lilly in the tube with him and she had fun! That is her little feet and her hand waving!

She looks so little in the big tube!

Daphanie playing in the sand. She actually enjoyed sitting and playing in it.

Both girls playing.

Cousin Jacob covering the girls in sand! Lilly was first!

Then Daphanie, she was happy!

I love her little toes popping out in this picture!

We went to the beach where there is big, I mean HUGE sand hills, or piles.. Lilly loved climbing it over and over and sliding down or running!

She how huge it is! I think we all had a great weekend and plenty of SUN and FUN!

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