Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Penelope @ 4 months

This Christmas Baby turned four months the day after Easter!
Penelope was 13lbs 5oz (50%) and 23.5 inches long (25%) at her four month appointment last week! She received her vaccines and had a fever for a few days.
She is a very very very HAPPY baby! She loves to sleep, which mostly takes place in her swing! So she loves her swing! Loves laying under the play mat and looking up at all the toys! She loves to suck on her hands, fingers, toys and her bottom lip! Her eyes have lighted up a lot since birth and are now the same color as the big girls and daddy, which is a light blue! She can roll from her tummy to her back. You wont catch her rolling from her back to her belly, she would rather hang out on her side. She also loves watching TV. We don't have it on often so when it is on she is looking up at it!

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Natalie said...

OMG how adorable is she! I just want to hug her! We use cloth diapers too!