Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tonsillectomy, Adenoidectomy and Ear Tubes

Lilly was seen by the ENT doctor last month and he was surprised how big her tonsils were and that she was even able to eat! I also let the ENT doctor know that she failed a hearing test, they tested her ears and they were also surprised how well she talks for not being able to hear clearly, since her ears are filled with fluid. So he set us up for Surgery to remove the tonsils, adenoid and put tubes in her ears.
Here she is before surgery, really not knowing what is going to happen. You could tell she was excited to be some where new, but nervous too!

They also gave her Jessie doll a name bracelet/belt so she wouldn't get lost and so Jessie could go with Lilly to surgery.

Here she is in the Pediatrics. She was in pain and not very happy. She was kind of out of it with the pain meds they have given her after surgery. She kept looking at the red light on her thumb, which was to measure her oxygen levels.

She had a dry cough so they ordered a breathing treatment to help decrease the swelling in her airway. It helped!

She kept telling us she wasn't tired, but during this picture she was dozing off. I took the crayon away from her and she grabbed it back and kept coloring with her eyes closed!

She had to do 4 things before she could leave. Bathroom, Walk, Drink 16oz and have pain under control. We finally had all of them checked off by 6pm. She was excited to go home, and I was happy to get her home to make her comfortable in her own space!

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