Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I WANT shots!

Daphanie had her THREE year old check-up at the doctors office today! In the morning Lilly asked if Daphanie would be getting shots, I said I wasn't sure. Lilly was upset that if Daphanie had to get shots she wouldn't be able to hold her hand since she would be at school! Then after we dropped Lilly off at school and we were on our way to the appointment Daphanie asks if she has to get shots, I say again that I wasn't sure. She shouts YES, I want shots!

As we were sitting in the room, she was so excited (loves to have eyes on her). She asked the nurse if she would be getting shots, and what kind of bandaid and stickers she would get.

The nurse got her weighted, measured, blood presser taken (she loved her arm getting a hug) and pulse. As we then waited for the doctor she was still excited, she got to put on a peach gown. Then she said "get a picture of me" So of course I did! Doctor came in and gave the attention to Miss Daphanie and Daphanie asked again if she could get shots. Doctor said she is only due for one and Daphanie said, No, I want THREE!

After her one shot, there was no tears, no crying and the smile that was there before was gone for a few moments, I asked her if she wanted another shot and she shook her head no! The nurse put on the purple dinosaur bandaid and handed her three 'Hello Kitty' stickers and that excited smile was back!

Daphanie is a tad bit above average height and a tad under average weight for girls her age. We are so happy and blessed to have a happy excited healthy three year old!

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Bridget said...

How brave....she is so cute!