Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To my Valentines

Lovable Lillyann,
My first little girl. You are really so sweet. You love celebrating anything, but celebrating love made just made you light up. You asked if we could pretend it was Valentines day again tomorrow. You sure can kiddo, you love showing love and you are loved by so many! Love you so much Sweetie!

Darling Daphanie,
You have been a curious little girl lately. Which means more messes for me to clean, having a more watchful eye on you, having more patience and taking more time to teach you.  You want to grow to fast, slow down darling lets try to enjoy this time right now. I love you sooo much!

Precious Penelope,
Last Valentines day you were a wee baby, which we already loved tremendously. You are now so independent and you want what you want, and you let it be known!  You are so fond of your daddy (something every girl in this house is), you light up when you see or hear him. Love you Pea!

To my Husband,
plain and simple your the hot fudge to my ice cream
I LOVE you!

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