Friday, February 12, 2010


In just one year this little girl has changed in many ways. She started out just a small preemie baby that was strong and ready to grow on her own. She started at 4lbs 8oz and 17inches long. At one year she is 18lbs 2oz and 28 inches long.

She wants what she wants and doesn't want it taken away. She has a high-pitched scream that she does when she is happy, surprised, upset or most often when she is MAD! When she does get mad she likes to bite. She likes to play with her sister as long as her sister doesn't take away the toy she is playing with. She likes to walk up and down the hallway in search of someone, and then will grab on to your led. If you have have something to eat she will find you and want a bite of what ever you are eatting too! She likes food, mostly fresh fruit, but will usually eat ANYTHING! If she hears the bathtub running she will be there in a flash. While in the bath tub she likes to splash, and usually doesn't mind if her sister dumps water on her head. About 60% of the time she sleeps thru the night. She still sleeps in a crib, is unlike her sister and hasn't tried to climb out yet. She wakes up in the morning with a smile on her face and is ready to play! She likes to flip pages in storybooks, and can put the stacking rings back together all by herself. She likes to pull open drawers and empty them. She doesn't like to leave socks or shoes on her feet. She doesn't like to get dressed, or have her diaper changed. She likes to climb on her sister's bed and the coffee table. She can drink from a cup, but takes a bottle before nap and bed time. She says mama and dada with meaning and has just started to wave. She can give hugs and kisses if you ask. She doesn't like to get bukled in her car seat, and is still to little to face forward in the car. She like suckers and mini M&M's.

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