Friday, February 26, 2010

Inside Snow

We had some nice weather recently and were able to all go out side and play in the snow. But this week it was pretty cold. Mornings were starting out below 0, and with windchill it was even colder! Lilly wanted to play in the snow so I told her I would bring some in for her to play with. I think she was really surprised when I did. We used some food coloring to make the snow colored. We got out some spoons, measuring cups, sandbox toys and even some play food. Both of the girls thought it was fun.
Daphanie has really never put her bare hands in snow. So this was new to her. Usually when she is outside she is all bundled up and doesn't "feel" the snow. She played the longest and had fun knocking over the tower her sister made.
The sandbox toys were great for the snow. Once you bring in the snow from outside and it warms up a little it becomes great for packing!

They both were eating the snow. Lilly made herself a snow cone! Yummy!

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CRAZYMOM said...

you are one brave momma to let that inside! Mine would have smeared th dye all over the carpet! :)