Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby #3 Update

I am now over 34 weeks pregnant with baby #3. I have been having some braxton hicks contractions, which are normal pre-contractions to the real thing. I have also been having real contractions. At my last OB appointment I was given the fetal fibronection test which checks for a chemical the amniotic sack gives off when labor is near. Well mine was elevated which means my body is getting ready for labor, but the test doesn't give an exact answer as to when, a couple days, a week, 3 weeks. So getting a positive is a hit or miss, but a negative is a good sign labor isn't near. I also got my cervix checked, and it has started to open and thin out.
Well I got a call from my doctors office a couple days after my appointment and they wanted me to come in because the fetal fibronection test came back positive. They wanted to put me on the monitor and check my cervix again. While on the monitor I was having short and soft contractions which would be the braxton hick kind. My cervix was a little more open and a little more concerning for my doctor! I was then given an ultrasound to check fluid levels and of course see that precious unknown gendered baby! Yes, we still don't know what this little one is and it's by choice! Everything on the ultrasound looked good, and it was measuring baby to be over 35 weeks gestation, and over 5lbs! Hopefully that is right!
I was then sent to the hospital to be able to get the steroid shot for the baby's' lungs. I was then put on the monitor and was showing real contractions now, they watched me until 5pm and my doctor wanted me to stay the night to receive medication to stop the contractions. After my contractions had been stopped for a couple hours the nurse called my doctor back and I was able to get out of there at 9pm!
I had to go in today to my OB office to get another steroid shot, it is a set of two shots about 24 hours apart. I got the shot and was able to come home. I have to call or go in if I am feeling any other contractions, otherwise I will be seen again at my regular OB appointment in two weeks!

not the best pictures but here is the little one flexing!

see look at the chubby face!

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