Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thankful for Family

We are thankful for our wonderful family. We had two great Thanksgiving dinners. We had one in MN the weekend before with part of Corey's side. Then on Thanksgiving we had lunch at my Grandmas with my side of the family.

Lilly was in the car with me and on the radio it mentioned something about Thanksgiving day. She would get so excited and say something like: They know we are going to Thanksgiving! She gets really excited to visit family.

Here is cousin Jozie and Lilly hugging, and Daphanie joined in after the photo! They both had fun together and it was hard for Lilly to leave!

Daphaine opening presents, we had Christmas this year with Thanksgiving since who knows what the weather will be! (see how the picture turned out kind of blurry, yeah yuck! switching camera definitely!)
This is on Thanksgiving day! Look how handsome Joe Joe is! Daphanie is such a cutie too!

Joe Joe playing with an onion, right before Daphanie stole it out of his hands! Cousinly love!

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