Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby #3 Update

I had another OB appointment this week. There was no drama this time around! The doctor was a little concerned with the size of my belly as it is measuring 3 weeks behind. I also haven't gained any weight since the last week of November, but I had a big gain of weight then (Thank you Thanksgiving meals).
My belly measuring small doesn't worry me all that much as I have measured small with both the girls, and I seem to make small and healthy babies! But with the doctor being concerned she would like to do another check-up and ultrasound to check the fluid levels and growth of baby. So I will get to see the baby again on Monday morning and hopefully all is well!
My contractions have seem to be just here and there so it looks like this one will hold off till after Christmas! I would love to have this little one on the New Years Eve, and the baby would be full term by then!

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